Reviews of Complete Face

I would recommend Complete Face App for anyone who injects no matter what level of expertise they have. The Complete Face app is exactly what the name implies. It is a web-based app used to help injectors to evaluate and treat the complete face. It takes you through the anatomy from excellent cadaveric dissections to surface anatomy on live individuals in motion. It then helps you with how to mark patients and how to inject them. Finally it shows the before and after results in an HD video format. All areas from are covered from the more standard areas such as the glabella to highly specialized areas of the face. I would recommend Complete Face App for anyone who injects no matter what level of expertise they have.
Dr Nowell Solish Dermatologist, Toronto, Canada

Complete Face is anatomically precise, clinically relevant, and highly practical. It is absolutely the best learning tool I have found in the realm of filler. Whether you are truly a beginner or an expert in cosmetic injectables you will learn from Complete Face. It’s app is easy to navigate and the content is high yield. It’s like being in the cadaver lab with your very own expert prosector! This is the premier app for cosmetic injectables and I highly recommend it for any cosmetic physician looking to refine their skillset, improve patient outcomes, and master their anatomy. Dr. Shannon Humphrey

I am a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist with 12 years experience who travels the world to remain current and safe in the field of facial injectables. For the first time ever I now have world renowned expert Steven Liew at my fingertips 24hrs per day through the Complete Face App. The App is not only an educational tool for novice and advanced injectors but a safety tool. The more experience I get the more healthy fear I get for those dreaded but rare complications such as blindness. Dr Liew is meticulous, speaks clear and concisely during cadaver dissection, assessment and pan-facial treatment. Complete Face has an ease of navigation covering specialized modules with focus on anatomy, injection technique, product choice, safety and natural outcomes.The field of aesthetics is ever evolving and I feel like I get a jump start when I see how our Australian experts practice. Getting insights on their injection techniques, product choice and safety only contributes to my best practice on the other side of the world in the USA. As an Allergan and Galderma trainer I encourage others to travel internationally for expert learning. This is often met with resistant due to work commitments, time and money constraints. Now there are no excuses to advance yourself with the readiness of this App in the comfort of your own living room. A must have App for Doctors and Nurses in the field of Aesthetics.  Rana Kennelly

After injecting neuromodulators since 1989 and facial fillers since the advent of collagen, I am delighted that we now have an aesthetic educational digital app that is a “must have” for every injector, no matter what level of experience!

Completeface provides a greater understanding of the total face assessment with emphasis on the anatomic analysis and beautification techniques. Dr Liew’s exquisite cadaver dissection shows the interdigitation of the facial muscles so that the interplay between brow elevators and depressors, lip elevators and depressors are more clearly understood for a more precise placement of both neuromodulators and facial fillers. The essential areas of upper, middle, and lower face are covered in depth by looking layer by layer videos of cadaver anatomy dissection. Then, the next logical step is provided by video analysis of different facial volume deficits and facial lines as they relate to the anatomic facial aging changes. Exceptional instructional videos on depressor anguli oris, lip enhancement, and masseter assessment and injection techniques are covered with Dr. Liew’s personal narration on patients of different ethnicities, outlining findings and appropriate treatment plans. For the Advanced injectors, specialised areas that are covered include volumisation of the chin, forehead, glabella, temple, nose and periorbital areas. Of particular interest, the tear trough anatomy descriptions and techniques are excellent. The main reason these videos are so helpful is that detailed cadaver dissections are correlated with video assessments so that clinical correlation of the patient’s anatomy and treatment plans are logically explained. Dr. Liew’s exceptional injection techniques are well demonstrated in videos which provides the perfect instructional platform for safe and elegant instructional training. With the comprehensive facial app of completeface, you can now take advantage of Dr Liew’s anatomical and technical instruction points to create natural, beautiful faces, and do it safely. The best thing about the Completeface app is that it provides an in depth cadaver and injection workshop, all at the touch of your finger tips, on your on time line without having to ever leave the comfort of your own home or interrupt your travel schedule as it can be viewed on your own laptop or mobile device. So when you consider the artistic value and the convenience of this high level of aesthetic instruction, completeface app is definitely a treasured tool in your educational toolbox! Deborah Sherman M.D.


“Complete Face, the brainchild of Dr Steven Liew, a plastic surgeon based in Sydney Australia, is an amazingly comprehensive facial injectable, educational tool in digital format. Complete face will guide physicians on the use of neuromodulators and hyaluronic acid based fillers demonstrating an expert physician’s techniques. It is suitable for beginners and the advanced practitioners. The app has an easy to follow layout. It contains detailed, exceptional quality cadaver facial anatomy dissection, functional and surface anatomy for each part of the face to be treated. It correlates underlying anatomy with detailed facial assessment on patients, including markings for injection techniques with before and after photos. It is fully comprehensive with facial indications from the very basics of treating frown and forehead lines to the more advanced neuromodulator target muscles such as DAO, Mentalis, Masseter muscle and the more exotic indications of parotid glands. In the facial filler section, it covers everything from the lips, eyebrow, forehead, temple to the more advanced upper eyelid hollow, the nose as well as a pan-facial approach. Association with underlying anatomy details the danger zones repeatedly in high risk areas to ensure both safe and effective techniques. The best way to sum up viewing Complete Face is like attending a well-run one on one facial injectable workshop and a cadaver dissection at the same time. I recommend this to all doctors interested in facial injectables regardless of whether they are a beginners or experienced injectors. The only drawback is that it does not represent alternative injection techniques, but this is what learning is all about.”

Review of “Complete Face” by Mitchel P. Goldman, MD

“This is a standout educational tool in a new and expanding field of cosmetic treatments. It correlates clinical techniques and anatomy via the insights of two highly experienced anatomists and clinicians and is really an essential text for anyone entering this field or wishing to further their skills. It is useful for the novice injector but equally beneficial for the advanced clinician.”

Dr Terrence Scamp – Plastic Surgeon Gold Coast, Australia – September 8, 2015

非常专业的评估软件,对美容外科的医生很有帮助,特别是有 一定临床经验的医生,推荐下载! Translation Very professional assessment software, very helpful for cosmetic surgeons, especially those with certain clinical experience. Recommend to download!

Dr Danru Wang – Plastic Surgeon, Shanghai

注射美容的好伴侶 由澳洲著名整形外科醫生Dr Steven Liew和Dr Peter Callan撰寫 的全球第一個互動數碼注射美容App。精要講解面部解剖、評 估、注射技巧、材料運用以及並發症的預防和處理。適合初級 到高級水平注射醫療人員,極力推薦。 Translation The world’s first interactive digital aesthetic injection app written by famous Australian plastic surgeons Dr Steven Liew and Dr Peter Callan. Precisely explained facial anatomy, assessment, injection technique, use of products as well as prevention and management of complications. Suitable for basic to advanced medical practitioners using injectables. Highly recommended.

Dr Wilson Ho – Plastic Surgeon, Sep 10, 2015 Hong Kong

超好用的app! 所有提供注射式医学美容的医师都值得拥有! 整 个脸的注射, 无论是肉毒素还是填充剂, 都有详细的描述, 解剖 和注射的视频都非常清楚, 还有产品建议. 还有,注射时遇到血管 闭塞的处理方法都有讲解. 大力推介! Translation Super useful app! All doctors offering injectables should have this! Full face injections, including botulinum toxin and fillers, are described clearly. The videos for anatomy and injections are very clear. There is also product suggestions and recommendations on how to manage vascular events during injection. Highly recommended!

Dr Stephanie Lam – Plastic Surgeon Sep 1, 2015 Hong Kong

“I have been injecting Botox and Fillers for 18 years and l still learn from the insights of cadaver dissections and the clarity of thinking and facial assessment that both Dr Steven Liew and Dr Peter Callan present as Plastic Surgeons. Complete Face is an easy to use reference with essential points on how to assess and inject some challenging areas of the face in a safe way. I would recommend it to both the novice injector and those who have been injecting for years.”

Dr Stefania Roberts Cosmetic Physician and Phlebologist Melbourne, Australia 24th August 2015

“Complete Face, a video application for teaching cosmetic medical injections, is complete brilliance! Techniques for improvement of every facial area are clearly demonstrated along with tips, tricks and warnings for safe practice. Including injections demonstrated on live patients and on cadavers, this app provides extremely high quality teaching at a very affordable price.”

Dr Ketturah Hoffman Cosmetic Physician Perth, Australia June 16, 2015

“Excellent app for physicians involved in cosmetic procedures. It allows a good review on anatomy of each facial area as well as facial assessment of several cases and situations. It also demonstrates correction techniques with fillers and neuromodulators ,product choices and discuss how to avoid and treat possible complications.”

By Dr Ada Trindade de Almeida – Jul 11, Brazil.

“14 years of experience as an injector, a certified trainer and a conductor of numerous workshops on injectables, I have yet to come across a better educational tool! The app is a comprehensive and detailed review of all you ever wanted to learn about injectables!! Not just for the new injectors but also for the experienced ones, the app provides a plethora of information at your finger tips. No more going back to your anatomy textbooks trying to expect the useful bits…. It is all here and not by pictures but videos of cadavers. It can’t get better than this. You can save not just time but also money that one tends to spend travelling to conferences that may or may not yield the bank of information you are hoping to get. A must buy for all those interested in facial aesthetics!”

One Stop Shop By Dr Vandana Chatrath, MD – Oct 2, 2015  India

“This is an absolute delight and I envy the injectors of today . We attended million congresses and workshops to gather what we learnt . Many a times you realize after you come home that either your notes are incomplete or that you now have new doubts … Worst is when you listen to a speaker come back and realize that it was not really the best technique !! Face app is so well put together by the best in class with loads of work experience . So you are sure that every thing you learn is the best there can be . To learn from the app is so very simple too . Anatomy till the product selection is all shown and explained so well , can’t get easier and better . Simply love it and a great refresher to every one of us.”

By Dr Rashmi Shetty – May 28, 2015, India

“Excellent materials for all injectors and teachers! Dr Steven Liew has demonstrated the safe and effective ways of injecting fillers in various parts of the face in these videos. The importance of safe injection of fillers cannot be over emphasized, serious complications can cause severe harm to the patients, it also creates bad publicity to the aesthetic industry!”

By Kim Siea Lee – Oct 7, 2015. Malaysia

“Great App for All Cosmetic Healthcare Professionals. Finally a great app showing not only the anatomy of the face, but also showing various injecting techniques by two world leaders in the Cosmetic Injecting Industry. Great to brush up on your anatomy in your own time and also if you want to show or teach colleagues. A must for all doctors or nurses in the Cosmetic Medicine field.”

by Ellen Selkon – Aug 13, 2015 New Zealand

“Complete face is excellent. The complete face app is covered everything with a dedicated anatomy on each section include product of choice with pre & post treatment is excellent in both anatomy & injection is very clear and can easily to follow step by step.I’m surely it can help a lot in developing doctor’s practice in cosmetic field it seem like we are having the true expert together with us at our clinic to supervise during we are working .if we have any problem we can just go back to see VDO again then we can have a very clear answer “I am strongly recommend every cosmetic doctors to use the complete face on your practice to improving your professional skill”

by Dr.Jane Bkk Thailand – Aug 1, 2015

“Perfecting Injecting Knowledge and Technique” Published in The Dermatologist January 2016 Read full review here


“This is a fabulous product, fantastic value for money and I highly recommend it to all: beginner, experienced, nurse, dermatologist or surgeon. It is an incredible resource for improving your own knowledge, or those of your employees. Having seen both authors present at top aesthetics conferences around the world, they shine through as the best of the best. They bring simplicity and clarity to a complex subject, along with logical thinking and the sort of specialist knowledge that can only be acquired by frequently treating patients with injectables. They have a passion for correct anatomy, safety and natural-looking results that has led them to disprove dogma. And now they have distilled this knowledge into an app that you can watch any time of day, over and over, to advance your skills to the highest levels. I find I need to review anatomy repeatedly in order to recall it accurately. Being able to watch the dissection videos multiple times with Steven’s clear, concise narration is fantastic. Likewise, replicating a technique after seeing it at conference, often at a distance and with poor lighting, is difficult when one cannot recall subtle details The injection videos enable a user to replicate their techniques exactly. My one previous bugbear was that I could not watch it on my iPhone. Now that the new update has been released, this has been addressed. When I compare the price of this app with the cost of attending a conference with fees, travel expenses, accommodation and time off work, I can say that this is one of the best value aids to learning I have ever purchased”

Dr Sarah Hart Cosmetic Medicine Doctor Skin Institute Auckland, NZ

このappは、注入療法の世界的な権威であるSteven Liewが作った大変実践にそくしたappである。ビギナーの先生から、日々注入療法を行なっているベテランの先生まで、より良い注入療法を目指しているあらゆる先生に有益なappである事は間違いない。より良い結果を目指すためには、正確な解剖を知り、適切な技術で注入療法を行なうことは、必須である。その為に、必要な素晴らしいappである。 Complete Face which is created by Dr. Steven Liew, known as the world’s famous expert on cosmetic injection, is very practical app. There is no doubt that this app is valuable to all the doctors from the beginners to veterans, who aim to provide better quality of injection. It is necessary to know precise anatomy and also to learn appropriate technique, to have better result of injecting Filler and Botox, and this app contains wealth of knowledge that all injectors should have. The contents of this app is extremely useful and practical I have ever seen!!

Dr. Furuyama, Plastic Surgeon

Complete face combines the logical and thoughtful application of non-surgical treatments by Steven Liew with high quality 4K video and has created a comprehensive digital injectors guide of very high quality. Featuring approaches specific to different anatomical regions and also specialty areas there are sections on relevant anatomy, assessment, treatment goals, technique and outcomes. A valuable asset to both established and new injectors.

Mark Magnusson, Plastic Surgeon, Australia

Complete face是由澳大利亚著名的整形外科医生Steven Liew的团队开发的。Liew医生从事医学美容事业很多年,具有丰富的临床经验,非常懂得对于注射美容来说有哪些技巧和暗礁。通过Complete face这个app,医生可以非常全面对于整个面部的注射美容有深入的学习,从解剖到现场评估及注射技巧,还有常见不良反应的预防与急救方法。因此无论是初学者还是拥有丰富注射经验的医生,在这里都能找到你感兴趣的内容。这种从解剖到临床的方式,抽丝剥茧让医生知其然与所以然,还纠正了一些教科书中存在的误区。这个app是由很多时长不超过5分钟的短视频组成,方便医生在紧张的工作之余,可以随时利用碎片时间在ipad, iphone以及笔记本电脑上使用,让你轻松地进阶为注射美容的高手。 Complete Face was developed by famous Australian plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Liew and his group. Dr. Liew has worked on aesthetic procedures for many years and accumulated profound experience. He knows very well the tricks and pitfalls for injection techniques. Through this app, “Complete Face”,aesthetic injectors can go deeper into the holistic view of total face injections. The App contains cadaver anatomy, clinical assessment and injection tips, common adverse events and how to avoid them. So both beginner and experienced injectors can find something interesting here. His unique way of explaining aesthetics from anatomy through to clinical application, can help injectors understand the reasons behind the injection techniques used. This app consists of many videos, which last less than 5 minutes. It is convenient for injectors to use on their iPad, iPhone or PC during their short and precious spare time. This app can easily upgrade you to an injection master-hand.

Dr Wu, Dermatologist, China (Beijing)

Transperience: Is an uncommon term, but fits with this remarkable app –transperience is sharing experiences of one aesthetic physician to another: on-line, courses, journals, live presentations, meetings and social networks. Aesthetic physicians world wide are in a phase of life that I would call “expectation economy” where patients, like the rest of us, expect a lot from our money spent on anything. The aesthetic patient does not want to look good from their aesthetic treatments they expect to look fantastic. This creative app will greatly aid in your transformation from average to great. With syringe therapy to become advanced –find out what the average injectors are doing and don’t do it. The last few years we have had a global shift where facial neuromodulators and fillers once the realm of the specialty physician is now done by many categories of MD’s, Dentists, RN’s, PA’s, MA’s and at places almost like Walmart. These injectors are creating results by chasing lines just like many specialists are doing. This app will help you stop chasing lines and understand how to reflate deflated faces and not inflate them.Our global aesthetic patients are smart and they do not want to look “done” from their treatments. This app will help you understand how to create a form of bio mimicry – mimicking what the patient looked like say 10 years ago and not looking odd. The 2016 aesthetic patient expects the wow factor and are willing to pay for great results. Patients are not paying for cc of fillers or units of neuromodulators or joules of laser energy. We look with our eyes but we see with our brains. As aesthetic physicians and our patients we see what we want to see. The biggest challenge with our aesthetic consults is changing the patient’s mono-selective focus from looking at just one area to treating the whole face. This app will help you understand how all the aesthetic zones fit together. This must have app created by Dr’s Steven Liew and Peter Callan is a great visual aide that will help separate your results from the others. What will separate you from the others is creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary and understanding that it’s the little difference in clinical results that makes the big difference in the aesthetic appearance. The anatomy section is remarkable and will help you understand that you cannot apply one dimensional thinking to the face that has complex 3rd dimensional structure. They have also clearly shown that we need to become an expert with both needles and cannulas and where to use them to our advantage and the best patient outcomes.

B. Kent Remington, MD FRCP, Remington Laser Dermatology Center, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Upon review of the CompleteFace Application, I must say that I am impressed. From the logo to the layout, it is simple yet right to the point, and easy to navigate. The concept developed to create this software in order to aid those who have selected this profession is outstanding. It is an excellent tool for injectors at any level, as well as a good learning source for applied anatomy. I believe it is important that basic and advanced technique injections are shown ‑with emphasis on safety‑ following a rigorous study of facial anatomy. I Highly recommend this APP to my colleagues and to teaching programs on core surgical specialties:  Dermatology, Oculofacial, Facial and Plastic Surgery.

Dr Jose Raul Montes, Oculoplastic Surgeon, San Juan

Portuguese Dermatologistas geralmente gostam muito de ferramentas visuais para aprimorar seus conhecimentos e formação em qualquer area. Cirurgiões são normalmente muito perfeccionistas em tudo que fazem! Como uma cirurgiã dermatológica fiquei maravilhada com o Complete Face! Parabéns Dr Steven Liew por esta ferramenta surpreendente, apaixonante e eficaz!!!! Primeiro as aplicações foram subdivididas de maneira fácil para médicos de todos níveis de conhecimento . Desde conceitos básicos a áreas avançadas. Todas de forma muito detalhadas mostrando como podem ser injetadas. Depois de escolher um tópico de interesse você pode encontrar todos os detalhes da anatomia para qual produto escolher passando por técnica e áreas de risco ! A parte da anatomia é tão bem explicada que até um médico que não está habituado com ela consegue entender os planos e como isto afetaria não sinalização de preenchedores mas também toxina. As figuras e vídeos tem ata definição e o narrador fala um inglês bem claro e lento o que favorece o entendimento daqueles que não tem inglês como língua nativa ! A combinação de restauração e reposicionamento com preenchimento é toxina botulinum para rejuvenescimento facial global e o futuro é Dr Steven Liew pode abordar os dois de maneira muito didática ! Como professora eu penso que nosso papel é prover não só boa técnica mas também as razões pelas quais escolhemos está ou aquela é para isso agregar conhecimentos de anatomia e fisiologia é crucial para um bom resultado ! Fiquei muito impressionada em quão eficientemente Dr Steven Liew conseguiu colocar tudo isso junto de forma tão clara para todos os públicos : iniciantes e avançados Obrigada por compartilhar seu conhecimento! Grande abraço English Dermatologists are usually very fond of visual tools to enhance their knowledge and training on any subject and Surgeons are normally very prone to perfectionism in everything they do ! As a Dermatologic surgeon I was amazed by Complete Face! Congratulations Dr Steve Liew for this amazing , passionate and effective tool !! First the way it was subdivided in order for physicians to know the basics and advanced areas , very detailed in the way it shows the different areas that can be injected . Then when you choose a topic of interest you can find every detail from anatomy to which product to choose passing through technique and danger areas! The anatomy part is so well managed that even a physician that is not used to deal with surgical anatomy everyday can really understand the planes and how it could affect you BTX or filler injections. The picture and videos are of high quality and the narrator speaks very slowly. His English is very good and clear even for a foreign ear! The combination of restoration and reposition with fillers and botulinum toxin for global face rejuvenation is the future and Dr Steve Liew could address both in a really didactic way ! As a teacher i think our goal is to provide not only technique but the reason we choose one or the other and for that is crucial to bring up anatomy and end point . I was amazed by how effectively Dr Steven Liew could bring all that together and make it so clear even for beginners . Thank you for sharing this !!!

Dr Gabriela Casabona, Dermatologist, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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