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Complete Face is a web-based educational platform focused on patient outcomes and safety.  Complete Face contains over 200 high definition videos and fresh cadaver anatomy for 39 indications, delivering the highest quality medical education on facial injectables.  Each indication follows a structured format – anatomy, clinical assessment, treatment objectives and marking, injection technique, product choice and before and after photos. Now available on your smartphone, tablet and desktop. Get Started for Free

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Course Accredited by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

This educational activity has been approved in the RACS CPD Program. Registrants may be informed that participating in this activity qualifies for 21 Points in Maintenance of Knowledge and Skills (one point per hour). Participation in this activity will be populated into your RACS CPD Online.
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Free access to 'Preventing Vascular Adverse Events’ Module

Free access to 'Preventing Vascular Adverse Events" Module. Now available on your smart phone, tablet and desktop for greater convenience. Get the Essential knowledge for beginner and advanced injectors. Promotes Patient Safety and Best Patient Outcomes. Includes a Protocol for Managing Vascular Events and multi-platform hosting so content is available in all countries. Access this content now

What the Medical Aesthetic Experts Say about Complete Face App

I would recommend Complete Face App for anyone who injects no matter what level of expertise they have. To me, Complete Face is just like attending a few great conferences all at once, but with the added advantage of being able to refer back to pertinent techniques and information over and over again. The Complete Face app is exactly what the name implies. It is a web-based app used to help injectors to evaluate and treat the complete face. It takes you through the anatomy from excellent cadaveric dissections to surface anatomy on live individuals in motion. It then helps you with how to mark patients and how to inject them. Finally it shows the before and after results in an HD video format. All areas from are covered from the more standard areas such as the glabella to highly specialized areas of the face. I would recommend Complete Face App for anyone who injects no matter what level of expertise they have. read more
Dr Nowell Solish, Dermatologist, Toronto
Complete Face is anatomically precise, clinically relevant, and highly practical. It is absolutely the best learning tool I have found in the realm of filler. Whether you are truly a beginner or an expert in cosmetic injectables you will learn from Complete Face. It’s app is easy to navigate and the content is high yield. It’s like being in the cadaver lab with your very own expert prosector! This is the premier app for cosmetic injectables and I highly recommend it for any cosmetic physician looking to refine their skillset, improve patient outcomes, and master their anatomy. read more
Dr. Shannon Humphrey, Dermatologist, Vancouver
I am a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist with 12 years experience who travels the world to remain current and safe in the field of facial injectables. For the first time ever I now have world renowned expert Steven Liew at my fingertips 24hrs per day through the Complete Face App. The App is not only an educational tool for novice and advanced injectors but a safety tool. The more experience I get the more healthy fear I get for those dreaded but rare complications such as blindness. read more
Rana Kennelly, RN
After injecting neuromodulators since 1989 and facial fillers since the advent of collagen, I am delighted that we now have an aesthetic educational digital app that is a “must have” for every injector, no matter what level of experience! read more
Deborah Sherman M.D Plastic Surgeon, Tennessee
This is a standout educational tool in a new and expanding field of cosmetic treatments. read more
Dr Terrence Scamp - Plastic Surgeon Gold Coast, Australia
A valuable asset to both established and new injectors. read more
Mark Magnusson, Plastic Surgeon, Australia
This must have app created by Dr’s Steven Liew and Peter Callan is a great visual aide that will help separate your results from the others. What will separate you from the others is creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary and understanding that it’s the little difference in clinical results that makes the big difference in the aesthetic appearance. read more
B. Kent Remington, MD FRCP, Canada
"Perfecting Injecting Knowledge and Technique" Published in The Dermatologist January 2016 read more
Dr Kenneth Beer - Dermatologist Florida US.
I have been injecting Botox and Fillers for 18 years and l still learn from the insights of cadaver dissections and the clarity of thinking and facial assessment that both Dr Steven Liew and Dr Peter Callan present as Plastic Surgeons. read more
Dr Stefania Roberts - Cosmetic Physician and Phlebologist, Melbourne Australia
"This is a fabulous product, fantastic value for money and I highly recommend it to all: beginner, experienced, nurse, dermatologist or surgeon. It is an incredible resource for improving your own knowledge, or those of your employees. read more
Dr Sarah Hart, New Zealand
14 years of experience as an injector, a certified trainer and a conductor of numerous workshops on injectables, I have yet to come across a better educational tool! read more
Vandana Chatrath, MD - India
Complete Face, the brainchild of Dr Steven Liew, a plastic surgeon based in Sydney Australia, is an amazingly comprehensive facial injectable, educational tool in digital format. read more
Mitchel P. Goldman, MD - Dermatologist US
Complete Face, a video application for teaching cosmetic medical injections, is complete brilliance! read more
Dr Ketturah Hoffman - Cosmetic Physician Perth, Australia
Excellent app for physicians involved in cosmetic procedures. read more
Dr Ada Trindade de Almeida – Dermatologic Surgeon Brazil.
Must have! This is an absolute delight. Face app is so well put together by the best in class with loads of work experience . read more
Dr Rashmi Shetty - Dermatologist, India
超好用的app! 所有提供注射式医学美容的医师都值得拥有 Super useful app! All doctors offering injectables should have this! read more
Dr Stephanie Lam – Plastic Surgeon,Hong Kong
Finally a great app showing not only the anatomy of the face, but also showing various injecting techniques by two world leaders in the Cosmetic Injecting Industry. read more
Dr Ellen Selkon - Cosmetic Physician, New Zealand
Precisely explained facial anatomy, assessment, injection technique, use of products as well as prevention and management of complications read more
Dr Wilson Ho, Plastic Surgeon, Hong Kong
非常专业的评估软件,对美容外科的医生很有帮助,特别是有一定临床经验的医生,推荐下载! Dr Danru Wang – Plastic Surgeon, Shanghai Translation Very professional assessment software, very helpful for cosmetic surgeons, especially those with certain clinical experience. Recommend to download! read more
Dr Danru Wang, Plastic Surgeon, Shanghai
"I am strongly recommend every cosmetic doctors to use the complete face on your practice to improving your professional skill" read more
Dr Jane Bkk, Thailand
The contents of this app is extremely useful and the most practical I have ever seen!! read more
Dr Furuyama, Plastic Surgeon
His unique way of explaining aesthetics from anatomy through to clinical application, can help injectors understand the reasons behind the injection techniques used. read more
Dr Wu, Dermatologist, China
Upon review of the CompleteFace Application, I must say that I am impressed. read more
Dr Jose Raul Montes, Oculoplastic Surgeon, San Juan
As a Dermatologic surgeon I was amazed by Complete Face! Congratulations Dr Steve Liew for this amazing , passionate and effective tool !! read more
Dr Gabriela Casabona, Dermatologist, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Complete Face: Optimal Patient Outcomes and Safety

About Complete Face

Complete Face App is an essential resource for both beginner and advanced injectors to achieve optimal patient outcomes and patient safety. The content is structured into two main categories - Essentials and Specialised.  Essentials contains all facial indications commonly injected for facial rejuvenation whereas Specialised is developed for advanced injectors as the indications covered are challenging and require existing expertise.  All indications, in both modules, follow a structured format  - anatomy, clinical assessment, treatment objectives and marking, injection technique, product choice and before and after photos.   Complete Face really is a one-on-one workshop available to you at your fingertips, anytime, anyplace and at your own pace.

Free access to 'Preventing Vascular Adverse Events’ Module

  • Now available on your smart phone, tablet and desktop for greater convenience.
  • Essential knowledge for beginner and advanced injectors.
  • Promotes Patient Safety and Best Patient Outcomes
  • Includes a Protocol for Managing Vascular Events
  • Multi-Platform Hosting so Content is Available in ALL countries
  • Warning: This application is intended for healthcare professionals only and contains graphic medical procedural and cadaveric imagery.
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Dr Steven Liew

MBBS, FRACS, Plastic Surgeon Australia
Complete Face App Founding Partner

Dr Peter Callan

MBBS, FRACS, MBA, Plastic Surgeon Australia
Complete Face App Founding Partner


NEW Module on Submental Fat Reduction available now

Complete Face presents a step-by-step guide on how to achieve Submental Fat Reduction for your patients, safely and effectively. This module contains high definition video and photographs on Anatomy (Cadaver dissection), Patient Assessment, Treatment Markings/Objectives, Injection Technique and Before & After Photographs.
Available on any device at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere.
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